Sarah's priorities
protecting taxpayer dollars


It’s my belief that elected officials owe it to those they represent to be financially responsible and continually seek ways to save taxpayer dollars.  As a member of City Council, it will be my top priority to find new, innovative ways to keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Watertown residents. I will work to launch a task force, comprised of members of the public and city staff, who together will identify steps we can take to deliver city services more efficiently and maximize the benefit of every taxpayer dollar. 

continuing momentum downtown

Downtown Watertown was once the bustling, heart of our city. Thanks to new businesses and new investments, it’s on its way to returning to its former glory. I want to continue that momentum, encourage further business growth and again make Downtown Watertown the hub of activity it was once. To that end, I'll work to spearhead efforts to ensure Downtown is the first place entrepreneurs look when seeking to open their small business. 


In recent years, more and more young professionals have opted to put down roots in smaller towns and cities—we need to take steps to have Watertown be one of the cities they consider. We’ll achieve this by attracting new businesses, expanding job opportunities and enhancing what we have to offer when it comes to culture and recreation. But, that's just part of the effort. We also need to focus on new ways to convey all that Watertown has to offer to young professionals. As your representative, I will work with the city and community groups on efforts to market Watertown to young professionals, and to ensure young people who are here currently know that after college, they can build a rewarding career in our city. 

improving community safety

Communities across our country are struggling with the spread of illegal substances—and Watertown is no different. We need to work together with leaders at all levels of government to crack down on drug abuse and provide help for those seeking to break free from the cycle of addiction. The City of Watertown is fortunate to have dedicated law enforcement officials, as well as community organizations, who work every day to stop the spread of drugs. Working together, we can enhance those efforts and make our community safer. 


As the daughter of a longtime small business owner and an entrepreneur myself, I know the challenges that so many of our small businesses face. That's why, as a member of City Council, I will prioritize efforts to make Watertown more business friendly. I will seek ways to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and information they need to make their dream a reality, as well as cut red tape that prevents current businesses from reaching their full potential. 

better communication for a stronger community
Every day, technology is changing. So is the way we communicate. As your representative, I will work to see that our City prioritizes efforts to more effectively communicate with residents on everything from community events to important safety alerts. By using more modern technology tools, like e-mail, social media and interactive apps, we can better inform residents about things happening in our city. The result will be a better informed, more engaged and overall stronger community. 


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